BloomBriks Husk Chips

Product details


The product is obtained by cutting the coconut husk in pieces of between 6 and 15 mm. Used in substrate mixes and also is ideal as a substrate for epiphytes. Good for use in mixer for plant and it is capable to colonize the chip. It could also be used for mulching, anthurium potting mix, growing orchids, and exotics which prefer very high drainage.

Characteristic Features

  • Suitable for mulching
  • High moisture retention
  • Improves aeration
  • Reduces frequency of irrigation
  • No harmful environmental impact


We supply coco peat block in 5 kgs and 650 gms to our buyers. * The below specs. can be customised as per customer requirements.

Blocks 5kg Briks 650gms
Size 30x30x12cm ± 2mm 20x10x5cm ± 2mm
Drying sun dried sun dried
Expansion-water 6-8 litres/kg 6-8 litres/kg
Pieces/Pallet 220 2000
Shipment - 40' HCC 20 pallets 20 pallets