CocoBloom Open Grow Bags

Product details


CocoBloom Open Grow Bags are available in high density packed in open top recyclable plastic bags. These open grow bags are available in different sizes and grades, suitable for use in greenhouses, vegetable and flower production. Popular with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry growers.


  • Less land preparation
  • Nutrients wastage is less
  • Improved yield
  • Low water comsumption
  • Eco-Friendly and natural
  • Easy Handling
  • Reduction in disease
  • Non-hazardous disposals


  • Packed in black inside & white outside, high density, co-extruded plastic bags
  • UV treated for 2 – 3 years
  • Minimizes transplant shock
  • No revetting problems
  • High air filled porosity
  • Enhanced root penetration
  • Free from weed seeds or pathogens
  • lay out as required, helps better irrigation

CocoBloom open top grow bags are suitable for soft fruit growers as a cost effective and flexible way to grow. They can be just laid out and hydrated. Helps to avoid dealing with bulk coir and to keep labour costs down. Easy to handle, store and use. Ideal for greenhouse applications as there is no need to fill and spread the heavy pot.


Dimension 23 x 18 x 18cm *
Material 100% coco peat *
E.C. < 1 mS/cm
pH 6 - 7
Packing UV treated bag

* The above specs. can be customised as per customer requirements.